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Helmet Awareness Program

On, Saturday, June 4, 2011, The Brain Injury Association Sudbury & District  launched it’s “Helmet Awareness Campaign” in memory of Mr. Stephane Blais, a 17 year-old Sudbury man who succumbed to his injuries as a direct result of not wearing head protection.


The three (3) main objectives of the campaign are:

  1. To increase the use of helmets in the Greater City of Sudbury to reduce head injuries due to sporting accidents.
  2. To increase awareness & knowledge about the need for helmets in preventing head injuries and death in children.
  3. To increase the number of helmets purchased in the Greater City of Sudbury.

The Helmet Awareness Campaign features “Vouchers” that are distributed to the general public featuring a $15.00 discount to be used toward the purchase of a new helmet redeemable at local “Community Partners”.

To date, over 1000 helmet coupons have been redeemed as part of our helmet campaign. 

We are thankful to our Community Partners and have agreed to accept & redeem the vouchers on behalf BIASD:

  1. Canadian Tire – 1066 Barrydowne Rd, Sudbury, ON
  2. Canadian Tire – 2259 Regent St, Sudbury, ON
  3. Canadian Tire – 3595 ON-144, Chelmsford, ON
  4. Canadian Tire – 5206 Hwy 69 North, Hanmer, ON
  5. Canadian Tire – 801 Centre St, Espanola, ON
  6. Skater’s Edge Source For Sports– 1338 Kingsway, Sudbury, ON

For more information regarding the Campaign, please contact:
Brain Injury Association Sudbury & District
Tel: 705-670-0200 / E-Mail:

Bike Helmet Stats

  • A helmet gives you a real chance of walking away from a collision. Wearing a helmet can reduce your risk of head injury by up to 85%.[i]
  • In jurisdictions where there are mandatory bike helmet laws, more people use helmets and injury rates are, on average 25% lower than in areas without helmet legislation.
  • Bicycle injuries are the third leading cause of injury for children between the ages of 10 and 14 years old, with traumatic brain injuries accounting for almost one third (29%) of all cycling-related hospital admissions.

[i] Ministry of Transportation of Ontario. Young Cyclist’s Guide.