Statistical Information on ABI

The 2012 OBIA Impact Report is a statistical snapshot of ABI and its effects on survivors and caregivers. Data for this research study was collected through the Ontario Brain Injury Survey. Through the utilization of this data a clear picture of the long term outcomes for people who are living with the effects of acquired brain injury (ABI) emerges.
It also takes into account the personal perspective of those who are caregivers. OBIA’s research study is also aimed at collecting data on the time of diagnosis, an injured person’s access to services and any gaps and/or barriers within the system. Ultimately, our goal is to provide relevant research data to better inform health care policy makers, Local Health Integrated Networks (LHINS), insurers and researchers who are examining ways in which people living with a brain injury can be better served.
This research study is made possible only through the willingness of survivors of acquired brain injury and their caregivers, who participate in the Ontario Brain Injury Survey.

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